5 one particular work data file Essay

5 one particular work document

5. one particular Refusal Abilities – Operate File

Go through each of the circumstance studies situated on the activities webpage in the 5. 1 project and select one of the case research to total the refusal sequence.


Using the refusal skills pattern, complete the situation scenario by indicating how you will would refuse to be involved for the circumstance. Include most eight methods of the refusal sequence, and use the file format indicated under for each step.

(List the step then this action)

Response the representation question under the eight steps.


1 . what are they requesting me to perform and for what reason?

They are asking me to participate in a task that is unlawful and against my personal principles. (Double space after each answer. )

Case Study Quantity: 3

1 . Exactly what are they asking me to perform and for what reason? (10 points)

They are asking me to adopt participation in illegal activities because they need to help me reduce pressure.

2 . Label what they are asking you to do (i. e. illegitimate, dangerous, etc . ). (10 points) They are asking me personally to smoke cigars marijuana.

several. Determine the effects if you get discovered or in the event you participate in this kind of activity. (10 points) The outcomes of smoking cigarettes marijuana and getting caught will jail or if caught smoking they will be arrested for carrying illegitimate drugs and hurting their very own bodies.

some. Communicate my refusal. (10 points)

Need to say not any

5. Say no . (10 points)

No I am just fine

6. Employ " I" statements. (10 points)

I do not smoking.

7. Advise an alternative. (10 points)

Why don't all of you participate in a sport or see a gym to alleviate stress and other emotions?

eight. Leave the scene and steer clear of questionable places. (10 points) No, I truly have to go my personal sister is usually taking myself to the doctors today. Personal Reflections

1 ) Explain just how healthy actions and alternatives can positively affect your wellbeing status and just how unhealthy actions and options will adversely affect your wellbeing status. (10 points) Healthy behaviors and choices...