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ABS 757 physical and chemical characters

Matter states: white colloid

Shape: gekornt

Smell: zero

Flash point: 404°C

Natural temperature: 466°C

explosion limits: 45g/㎡

Bare minimum fire strength: 3. 6MJ

Specific gravity: 1 . 03-1. 10

AB MUSCLES 757 material characters

propertiesTest methodTest conditionABS 757

Tensile strengthASTM D6381/8”, 6mm/min480(6800)

Tensile elongationASTM D6381/8”, 6mm/min20

Flexural modulusASTM D7901/4”, 2 . 8mm/min820(11660)

Flexural modulusASTM D2561/4”, 2 . 8mm/min27000(380000)

Izod impact strengthASTM D7901/4”, 23°C

1/8”, 23°C18(3. 3)

20(3. 7)

Dissolve flow indexASTM D1238200°C, 5KG1. 8

hardnessASTM D7851/2”116

Specific gravityASTM D79223°C1. 05

Vicat softening tempASTM D15251/8”, 50°C/hr105(221)

Annealed unannealedASTM D6481/4”, 120°C/hr99(210)



ABS 757 Finalizing parameters

A: dry: 80-85°C, 2-4 hours

It will be troubled by following factors: 1 . Moisture 2 . Recycling material home 3. Storage space condition W: barrel temp

Highest heat: 230

Lowest temperature; 190

C: mould temperature 30-70°C

It will be altered by following elements: 1 . Item thickness, installment payments on your Size 3. Gate and hot jogger system STOMACH MUSCLES RESIN

ABS is a copolymer of Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, and Styrene, The heat-resistance and solvent-resistance vs. HIPS. Besides, it has glass. Due to the better Cyantic polAcrylonitrile, themutual action of the PLAYSTATION molecule string is streng then up. Therefore , the impact strength, the tensile strength plus the surface hardness of ABS are better than HIPS. Generally, the greater percentage of Acrylonitrile, the better the heat-resistance, rigidity and solvent-resistance, however , the worse the flow figure; the base colour of the plastic-type is a little yellow-colored, but while injections mold, the mechanical and size steadiness are very good. As a result of above advantages, ABS resin becomes a great engineering plastic. The POLYLAC® ABS botanical of Chihuahua...