Essay about Cerujugo Human resources Case Evaluation

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MHR 505

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By: Benjamin Morgan

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From the designated reading it becomes clear there are a number of symptoms which claim that beverage maker and distributer Cerjugo SOCIAL FEAR is a company in crisis. The main signal that Cerjugo can be not really fulfilling its objectives is that the forecasted revenue and income targets, due to its juice split, have not been met for two consecutive years this is especially unpleasant for a firm which in days gone by boasted a 98% share of the dark beer market in Latin America. Beyond the shortage luster product sales numbers there are numerous other symptoms that Cerjugo's juice section is troubled, such as studies that prospective customers are not aware of the " freshness” and good quality of the item and the company reputation is suffering consequently, this is particularly problematic as the " freshness” of Cerjugo's juice is usually their main value task. Fault lines are also starting to show for the personnel the front, with increased proceeds rates in their sales force as well as stresses among top business owners at the firm, which often offers them dealing with one another. Recently, Cerjugo President Manuel Mala heard that his Administrator of Juice Manufacturing, George Novedads will be resigning to consider a position using a rival company, a clear indication that things have gone wrong. Root Cause

A key issue at Cerjugo appears to be all their attempt to put in a juice department to their previously successful business structure and company structure with no making a large number of alterations. An addition of the juice manufacturer product line requires a new approach to that part of the organization, because as Cerjugo currently admits, the markets for juice and beverage are quite several. This make an effort to integrate the juice business into their current organizational composition has created lots of work environment stress on everyone by high level managers down to the sales staff. The company structure places Guzman, the...