Essay upon Chem122 Midterm 1

Chem122 Midterm one particular

SIMPLY NO books, notes from a class, cell-phones, PDAs, laptops, talking.

For Multiple Choice Challenges (on the back) -- Circle the answer to every single question BELOW.

If more than one answer is usually circled for the question simply no credit will be given for it.

1 . [ away of 18 pts ] A combination of gases consists of 66. 0 g CARBON DIOXIDE, 2 . 02 g of H2, and 16. zero g of O2. In the event the total pressure of the mixture is 725 torr, precisely what is the part pressure of each and every gas?

[ usually do not neglect significant figures! ]SHOW YOUR JOB to acquire full credit.

1) Range of moles:

2) Pressure of each gas:

2 . [ out of 16 pts ] When 11. 1 g of business lead reacts with 3. seventy eight L of oxygen gas, measured by 1 . 00 atm and 25. 0°C, 11. eight kJ of heat is unveiled at constant pressure. Precisely what is ∆H° just for this reaction? (R = 0. 0821 D • atm/(K • mol))

2Pb(s) + O2(g) в†’ 2PbO(s)

[ tend not to neglect significant figures! ]SHOW YOUR FUNCTION to acquire full credit.

1) Decide the constraining reactant:

2) Figuring out О”HВ°:

If uncertain, show every one of the relevant operate to receive partial credit rating for the multiple-choice questions.

3. [ 12 pts ] What volume of nitrous gas, N2O, has the same number of atoms as on the lookout for. 00 L of fluorescents gas additionally temperature and pressure?

a)36. 0 L

b)9. 00 L

c)3. 00 L

d)2. 25 L

e)27. 0 D

4. [ doze pts ] The high temperature necessary to raise the temperature of 55. eighty-five g of iron by simply 1В°C is referred to as its


b)specific temperature.

c)heat of fusion.

d)heat of vaporization.

e)molar temperature capacity.

a few. [ 12 pts ] Which with the following gases will have the slowest rate of effusion at regular temperature? a)CF4





6. [ doze pts ] Each of the following transactions are authentic for a great exothermic reaction except a)The temperature in the reaction program increases.

b)The temperature from the surroundings increases.

c)Heat goes from the reaction system for the surroundings. d)The products have got...