Essay upon Chiken Work Analysis

Target Audience

The target market for Rooster Run is family looking at as it is version animation and is also simply for more youthful viewing and in addition it has mature humour thus everyone in the family can enjoy it.

Type of Cartoon

Chicken breast Run is actually a film manufactured using personas and types out of plastercine and clay and so forth so it is a model animation.

Camera Movement

Through Chicken work there is a wide selection of camera aspects used, each specially selected to give a specific view or impression towards the audience. A good example of this is when at the beginning of the scene there is a high angle shot which emphasises the top with the fence as well as the difference between the outside (freedom) and inside (prison). It then pans across, tracking down to look through the gate which in turn shows the chickens stuck inside. As well in the background you can observe watch podiums which once again emphasis the chickens trapped inside like they are in prison.

Use of Music

Music is especially important in any film as it helps you to build up stress and show the emotions which have been on screen. An example of use of music is at the start of this kind of scene in order to through the shutting gates to hear music which is big beating such as a persons center who is scared at being locked in beating which gives of a remarkable impact. Likewise throughout the film you hear the great escape music that emphasises being stuck inside and trying to escape to freedom this provides the chicken's circumstance.


SFX is used in most films to make the characters and films seem to be alive as well as help to create emotion just like fear etc . and they help the audience droped the personas emotions. This is certainly shown at the start where you start to see the gate close and you listen to the locking of the organizations that gives with the idea of staying in prison and getting captured so it shows them trapped inside wanting to break free. Another SFX is wherever Mrs. Tweedie is strolling up beyond daylight hours chickens and you may hear her thumping actions. The...