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In this time period, we are unable to deny that technology can be described as key aspect of our daily lives and features definitely made our lives more efficient and hassle-free in several elements. 61 mil individuals are employing mobile phones intended for health related matters, 29 million patients exchange emails with physicians, and 9 mil consumers use health residential areas online (Nicole Lucarelli). Nevertheless , many pharmacies are currently not exploiting technology to advantage their businesses to their maximum potential. It can be thus vital that technology is appreciated to allow medical stores to gain a better understanding of buyers and their requires. After performing research in the technology place, I have found many methods through which pharmacies are adapting to boost their businesses. These include creating phone applications, the use of social media, utilizing and analyzing their particular patients' info and the usage of cloud safe-keeping. Through each of our past gatherings, I understand the group will not want to advance in the direction of improving Target's phone applications because of the technicalities involved. In view of the short time span to work on Target's circumstance, as well as our familiarity with social networking platforms, I recommend that we look into the use of social networking and the collection and evaluation of patients' data. Social Media

The power of social media is evident in the statistics as well as the results it produces. Inside the recent years of promoting, 93% of marketers use social media for business (Pelser), reflecting a serious shift in direction in how businesses advertise and publicize. 47% of Americans say that Facebook provides a greater impact on their purchasing behavior (Beld) and many of these of Facebook or myspace users want to connect with brands on Facebook (Pelser). 57% of online marketers have acquired customers by way of their sites and 52% of consumers declare blogs impacted their getting decisions (B2B Inforgraphics). In addition , only 11% of Americans trust the Pharma Industry...