Engineer Interview Report Article

Engineer Interview Report

On November 18, We interviewed with Brian Psaume who is the applications industrial engineer in Nassda Corporation. The meeting occured in a cafe at six p. meters., right after he finished his work on the afternoon. The meeting was thus exciting and informative. All of us spent more than one hour in the restaurant and then for the meal. The purpose of my personal interview was going to seek information about electrical executive and obtain more details on how to accomplish my profession goal.

At the beginning of the interview, Specialists him regarding his background and his education. He originate from Hong Kong if he was 12-15 years old. Over 10 years ago, he received his bachelor degree for University of California in Berkeley. He told me that he had an internship with Sun Microsystems before he graduated. He also told me that he learned a lot of things from there. From then on, I asked him what the most crucial thing was that he discovered in the university. First, this individual pointed out that the circuit style concept and programming terminology are the most significant things as his task applied these knowledge a lot. As a great applications professional, he often helps clients to test many and information the customers about their testing results. When he examines an electric product, he must fully understand the circuit structure of the item. If he doesnВЎВЇt include circuit design concept, it can be impossible to know the routine structure plus the function with the product. He also need to style and compose an user interface program (a program for a computer to manage a specific electric hardware) when he exam a product or service. To write an interface plan, he needs to use a large amount of programming understanding which he learned in school. Second, he told me which the communication skill is also another important issue we need to learn in the university. Besides writing plan and solving circuit problem, he needs to communicate with his boss and persuade his customers. This individual needs to compose memos and reports once a week. In order to describe the situation and...