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Name: Lolwa AlZamil

ID: 42812

Job: Research pitch

Course: ENG 204

Date: 22/10/2013

Banking: A great Atomic Blast

The unfortunate financial meltdown in 2008 is considered by many economists the worst following the great depression in 1930. That resulted in the threat of total break of large banks, the bailout of banking institutions by nationwide governments, and downturns in stock market segments around the world. Causes that economists believe were behind the crisis can be a lot, however they addressed the next as the most relevant; subprime lending, the real estate bubble, convenient credit circumstances. These factors are all directly related to the banking system. In my exploration, I want to demonstrate how banking can be very perilous to economies and identify ways to produce it fewer threatening. Economy is a very crucial element of our lives; the wellness of it may cause a better life for many people if not all. A problem, will never be solved unless of course the reason was figured. Consequently , addressing what threatens our economy can help us stop future failure, which means a less risky life for people as people and a much more stable economy for whole nations. With this paper I will conduct a research on how banking influences our economy and demonstrate it was the primary reason for the financial crisis in 2008. banking institutions use many functions in order to generate profit. The main features include; corporate and business and investment banking, treasury and full banking giving various product or service to suit the clients' economic needs (Anwar, 2012). Thomas Jefferson once said that he believes that banks are definitely more dangerous than standing armies. In his book boomerang, Michael Lewis, continued a head to around countries that were troubled by the financial meltdown. He describes how Kylie Bass a hedge fund manager could identify the situation before the economic system collapses; Striper saw the fact that debts built up in the banking system obese governments money....