Fireworks Dissertation

п»їChemistry of Fireworks

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The sights and sounds of each explosion are the result of a lot of chemical reactions – oxidations and reductions – taking place inside the firework as it ascends into the sky. Oxidizers produce the oxygen gas required to lose the mixture of reducing agents and to motivate the atoms of the light-emitting compounds. Several oxidizers are used in both the black dust and the superstars. The most frequently used oxidizers will be nitrates, chlorates, and perchlorates. The minimizing agents, sulfur and co2, combine with the oxygen from your oxidizers to make the energy from the explosion.

OxidanИ›i produc oxigen necesar pentru a arde amestecul dintre agenИ›ii para reducere И™i pentru a excita atomii emiИ›Дѓtori para luminДѓ.


Diferiti oxidanti sunt folositi in producerea pulberei negre si a stelelor. Oxidantii frecvent utilizati sunt nitrati, clorati dans le cas ou perclorati. Agentii reducatori sulf si carbon dioxide se tem a ver cu oxigenul de la oxidare pentru a produce energe exploziei.

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One of the most commonly used oxidizers are nitrates, the major element of black dust. Nitrates are composed of nitrate ions (NO3-) with material ions. The most common oxidizer is definitely potassium nitrate, which decomposes to potassium oxide, nitrogen gas, and oxygen gas.

Oxidantii utilizati cel mai frecvent sunt nitratii, componenta majora a pulberii negre. Nitratii sunt compusi noise ioni nitrati (NO3-) cu ioni metalici. Oxidantul cel mai frecuente este azotatul de potasiu care ze ddescompune in oxid sobre potasiu, azot, oxigen/

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When responding, nitrates relieve two of their very own three air atoms. As the oxidation would not result in the release of all available oxygen, the response is less vigorous as that of various other oxidizers and it is more manipulated. This is why nitrates are used as the major element of black natural powder. In fireworks their key purpose should be to provide the initial thrust to power the package in to the sky and to ignite...