Essay about Packer Telecom

Qian Li


Packer Telecommunications

This case talked about risk management. As a telecommunications company with high-speed creation, Packer Phone system decided to make use of risk management to protect and enhance itself. That wanted to not only enlarge market share but also reduced finances at the same time. The project manager developed a risk management design template based on the risk management ideas other companies found in the past. This individual tried to persuade the bring in that the design template would work very well at Packer Telecom, however the sponsor hadn't totally agreed about this. To me, the phone system industry was in a state of turmoil and rapid improve. On this occasion, wanting to change by utilizing risk management is a great way intended for Packer to take the lead. Risk management would be a good portion to improve efficiency and reduce cost. They could easily get better control over the future, in the event they did risk management right. The project administrator did not do it right. To identify, examine, response, and control the hazards, the risk management plan should change together with the situation of company and time. My spouse and i highly doubt that if there are guidelines or design for raise the risk management. To produce a good risikomanagement, knowing what the corporation will deal with may be the first thing to accomplish. The job manager built the template only because other companies were using or perhaps used it. This individual gave a lot credence to his function that this individual did not considered about the true situation of his company. After all, despite the fact that his design would work, utilizing it for all the assignments at once was still being not a good idea. It might or perhaps might not correct all the jobs, and they must not put all all their eggs in a single basket. I thought the attract knew risk management and task management a lot better than the administrator. He asked some critical questions and did not accept the director from starting to end. I hoped this individual could make the best decision and located a better job manager later on. What they should do now is producing a risk management group,...