Essay about Professionalism Command Comparision

Professionalism Command Comparision

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Professionalism Leadership Comparison

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January 8, 2013

Professionalism Command Comparison

Professionalism is more compared to the way a person dresses or the words and phrases they use. Professionalism goes beyond these kinds of acts towards the daily behaviors that serve others (Ries, 2013). Although this is 1 definition, many others have different viewpoints concerning this topic. This paper is going to compare and contrast two interviews among a doctor and an anesthetist within a leadership position. Roles of the Interviewees

Eric Weed, an avowed Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) participates on the health care team featuring all aspects of anesthesia for patients. Mister. Weed also has the management role of being the Quality and Safety Manager for the Anesthesia Section in his service (personal connection, Eric Bud, December eight, 2013). In contrast to Ms. Purcell who is a nurse on the trauma team, Mr. Bud practices since an advanced practice nurse and manages the quality and safety issues as they affiliate with ease. This managing includes decision making concerning whether patients should go under anesthesia at the rural facility as well as the risk that is involved pertaining to the patient as well as the facility. This management comes with discussions while using patient and surgeons relating to these dangers and helping develop programs of care to manage the sufferer, as well as functioning directly together with the Director of Quality, the Director of Risk Management plus the hospital administrative leadership to improve quality and safety in nursing attention (personal connection, Eric Weed, December almost 8, 2013). Professionalism and reliability

Ms. Purcell defined professionalism as competency and actions of ethics and value (personal communication, Lisa Purcell, December four, 2013). Once Mr. Pot was asked to specify professionalism, this individual responded that " it is a burden of the unspoken anticipations placed on myself by my...

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