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Veronika Arkhipova

Reflective Article

September several, 2013

A great Essay on France

Various travel companies will declare that France is known as a country of natural beauty and scenery that millions of tourists from around the world visit annually. Many objectives of those travelers are to visit Paris, or other metropolitan areas in the The southern area of region of France and the Riviera. Regardless of the general suggestions about France, people browsing France often come towards the realization that not everything regarding the country is true. In 2007 I had the chance to visit Portugal twice with family, in fact it is not the perfect country many perceive that to be. I cannot say that it did not win over me; nevertheless , my objectives were not attained when it came to the meals, environment, and the people of France. Incidentally, I have by no means been to Paris, france, so all of us will give attention to the Southern of England (Provence) plus the Cote d'Azur (French Riviera). Food

French prefer to take in the traditional lunch break and dinner with their family or at the restaurants, not really fast food before a television. Typically, persons in Italy eat almost everything: meat (including horse meat), fish, oysters, snails, and a lot of vegetables, fruits and natural herbs. For breakfast, all of us drank coffee, like the native French, consumed freshly baked croissants and ate chopped up ham with eggs (as is normal for Russians). People in France opt to buy fresh pastries that are performed the same day. The baguette is the best loaf of bread I have at any time eaten. To get lunch, people often head to small eating places. Usually web servers will bring salads or Croyance Gras (duck liver) to a seated customer. Then the main entrГ©e is generally meat or fish with vegetables or perhaps potatoes. Most meals will be served having a sauce, which is typically expert with perfumed herbs. You can expect to always get the amazing taste of fresh foods. Unlike lunch meal, meal can begin having a soup: often French red onion soup, various meats or plant broth. The most traditional soups that I consumed while my loved ones and I frequented Provence was Bouillabaisse. It's the...