Essay regarding Research Critique Part you

When examining any study article, it is crucial to analyze it carefully. A thorough analyze allows the reader an opportunity look at the study in detail. In this manner, you may make a thoughtful judgment regarding the genuine scientific benefit of the examine. This is specifically true in the fields of nursing and medicine. At present, both fields continue to approach towards evidence-based treatments. As a result, it is important to weigh the evidence that each study offers to the literature. With this critique, a qualitative research published this year in the BMJ Open journal is analyzed. The article is definitely entitled " Barriers and Bridges to Infection Elimination and Control: Results of the Qualitative Study of a Netherland's Surgical Unit. ” The authors are Backman, Marck, Krogman, Taylor, et ing. Problem Affirmation

The clinical problem looked into by the authors involved chlamydia prevention and control techniques on a medical unit. The authors analyzed the policies and types of procedures related to these practices. Furthermore, they researched what boundaries exist to avoid nursing personnel from following the required illness prevention guidelines. The writers recognized that Infection elimination and control (IP& C) in the serious care environment is one of the most critical issues inmodern healthcare” (Backman et 's, 2012, g. 1). In the modern health care environment, hospital-acquired attacks (HAIs) are getting to be increasingly common. These HAIs lead to elevated mortality and morbidity and burden the patients. Additionally , they place an economic pressure on the health care system. The incidence of those is also scary. Approximately several percent of hospitalized individuals will develop a HAI (World Health Firm, n. deb. ). While health care staff are familiar with the value of IP& C, there can be barriers on their behalf with regards to the suitable policies and procedures. Purpose and Research Questions

The authors obviously stated their very own purpose and...

References: Backman, C., Marck, P. B., Krogman, In., Taylor, G., Sales, A., Bonten, M. J., & Gigengack- Baars, A. C. (2012). Barriers and bridges to infection prevention and control: results of a qualitative case study of any Netherlands ' surgical product. BMJ wide open, 2(2), 1-11.

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