Huffman Transportation Paper

Huffman Transportation Paper

Huffman Trucking Operating Systems

Christopher Gordon

POS/355 Introduction to Operating Systems

March 01, 2012

Jack port Davis

Ryan Trucking Operating-system

After evaluation of the Huffman Trucking corporations network plan, I have identified that this business uses several different Microsoft Glass windows products to fulfill the detailed needs of its everyday functions. Glass windows 3. by and Glass windows 9. by environment such as Windows ninety five and House windows 98, they were all displayed on the network diagram and in addition it shows that Windows XP Pro is employed at Huffman Trucking's Missouri office. It is apparent that Huffman Trucking Company provides chosen to utilize the same label of operating system through their numerous office spots. I could easily assert that the reason for this really is to maintain familiarity between the systems and ensure that these many systems will remain suitable because they are most variations of Microsoft Glass windows. It is my own belief that these Windows Systems were selected by Huffman Trucking as they are some of the most cost effective and well known Operating Systems out there today.

I used to be able to associated with following ramifications in regards to Ryan Trucking's choice of operating systems: With regards to a company like Huffman Transportation that has office buildings and vegetation in New Jersey, California, Missouri and Kentkucky, obviously it is in their best interest to utilize a Os that is well known and won't require an excessive amount of retraining though out all their locations. Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular and user friendly operating systems this makes it the perfect decision in operating systems to keep familiarity throughout the company and not trigger un because of confusion to new or relocated personnel. It would be smart to assume that several of these employees know about windows centered programs and operating systems previously from their pc systems away from the work place. This should create a level of comfort and...

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