Essay about School Rules

University Rules

1 . Silence has to be observed –

a) While the initially bell jewelry

b) When coming into and leading out from the place where worship or perhaps assembly can be conducted. c) When educators enter the class.

2 . Calm talking is allowed among lessons, after a teacher has left a class room.

3. Time scholars will need to leave the college as soon as university closes unless of course they are keeping for online games or extra lessons.

four. Letters of excuse pertaining to absence etc . should be tackled to the Principal. Those should be handed for the Class Instructor who will pass then to the Office.

5. No day time scholar might bring catalogs or magazines to school without permission.

six. No working day scholar might carry words or text messages for boarders without exceptional permission through the Principal.

7. No time scholars may possibly go to a dormitory or the refectory without permission.

8. Young ladies taken ill during school hours have to be taken up for the sick space or dispensary and the Office informed.

being unfaithful. Borrowing with no permission can be strictly unacceptable.

10. Simply no student may take part in a public level, televised or perhaps other display or ad without the prior written permission of the Main.

11. Birthday parties are not allowed during school several hours, but a birthday cake ONLY might be shared with your class after obtaining prior authorization from the Primary.

12. The Prefects are responsible for the general tidiness with the school complexes and have the specialist to maintain self-discipline.

13. Only presents of flowers may be given to people of the personnel.

14. Going to shops or perhaps homes of friends during school hours or in the course of extra curricular activities following school or in between assessments is strictly forbidden.

15. The uniform contains the school tie up, white clothes and dark-colored leather shoes. Women are authorized to wear white colored canvas shoes. Girls are required to wear a petticoat, or maybe a vest and underskirt and possess their outfits at a fair...