Essay regarding Social-Ecologial Model Theory

A behavior I would like to modify or change is the sexual activity of today's children. Focusing even more on applying protection, becoming safe, or abstinence if at all possible. We know that in the event you aren't cautious and applying protection it is very easy to obtain a sexually transmitted disease (STI) or a sexually transmitted disease (STD). I would use the social-ecological unit theory to complete a elimination and advertising change in behaviours. The social-ecological model supplies a framework for understanding the different influences and their relationships to each other. In the social-ecological model theory there are diverse stages or perhaps levels to your prevention or perhaps promotional software. The five stages or perhaps levels are: Individual, Romance, Community, Social, and Plan. Individual will be intrapersonal. Romance would be social. Community could have institutional factors. Societal could have community elements. And Policy would community, state, and national laws and procedures that contribute to the prevention of your program. The first level of the social-ecological model (SEM) theory is Individual or intrapersonal level. It signifies the individual who also might be affected by a sexually transmitted disease. And the intimate prevention program aims to increase the individual's know-how and impact his or her attitudes. You do therefore by providing, the need for STD screening, the purpose to be examined, the risks and benefits of becoming tested, and access to inexpensive and practical STD tests, diagnosis, and treatment. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2009) The second standard of the SEM behavior theory is Marriage or social level. That represents AN STD prevention actions implemented in the interpersonal level. These actions are intended to aid individual patterns change by simply affecting sociable and ethnical norms and overcoming individual-level barriers. Close friends, family, physicians, community overall health workers or perhaps promoters, and...

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