Essay regarding Statistics Queries on Regression Analysis, Period Series, and Other Topics

SECTION A (You should attempt all 15 questions)

A2. Regression evaluation is ____________________________________. A) explains the strength of this linear romantic relationship.

B) details the numerical relationship between two factors. C) identifies the pattern of the data.

D) identifies the attribute of independent variable.

A2. __________________ is employed to demonstrate any romance between two variables. A) Histogram

B) Pie data

C) Scatter diagram

D) Frequency polygon

Questions A3 to A5 relate to this information.

Assume a firm fed the beliefs of proceeds, y, and advertising costs, x, (both in $000) for the past 8 years, in a computer and obtained the regression romantic relationship y = 26. 7 + 8. 5x.

A3. What is the dependent changing?

A) Number of computers

B) Size of the firm

C) Turnover

D) Advertising spending

A4. What is the self-employed variable?

A) Number of computer systems

B) Size of the company

C) Turnover

D) Advertising and marketing expenditure

A5. If the marketing expenditure is $5000 within a particular season, estimate the turnover for your year. A) $69, two hundred

B) $42, 526. seventy

C) $26. 7

D) $69. twenty

A6. Make clear what the subsequent sample relationship coefficients inform you of the relationship between the x and y values in the test: r sama dengan - 0. 8

A) No relationship.

B) Ideal negative correlation.

C) Good negative relationship.

D) Weakened negative correlation.

A7. Precisely what is meant by simply time-series info?

(A)A set of values which occurs sequentially in time.

(B)A set of qualitative data.

(C)A set of ideals which occurs randomly.

(D)A set of marks obtained with a group of pupils.

A8. The classical method to time series analysis determines four affects or elements on the time series. Which in turn of the next is NOT a time-series aspect?...