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abacus framework with golf balls for determining

abate to minimize, to decrease

abdication quitting control, authority

abdomen abdomen and bowels

aberration straying away from precisely what is normal

abandonment suspended action

abhor to hate, to detest

hold be faithful to; withstand

abjure assure or claim to give up

abraded rubbed away, worn apart by rubbing

abrasion massaging, scraping, using off

counterorder repeal or perhaps annul by authority

abscond to go away suddenly (to avoid arrest)

obscured difficult to understand; obscure

abundant plentiful

verge upon border in

abysmal bottomless, extreme

acarpous effete, will no longer fertile, worn-out

accentuate provide more power or focus on

acclaimed welcome with shouts and acceptance

accolade compliment, approval

accretion the developing of distinct things into one

acquiesce in agree (without protest)

buy smth acquired, acquiring

deal of kind of stone; inflexible

stick remain faithful, stick quickly to

aprobacion adhering, support

adjacent lying near, next

admonitory made up of warning

embellish add magnificence; decorate

adulteration making unpure, poorer in quality

affinity close connection, relationship

worsen make more serious; irritate

agile active, quick-moving

ail difficulties; be unwell

alacrity keen and pleasant readiness

give up estrange

allegiance duty, support, loyalty

reduce make (pain) easier to endure

alloy to debase simply by mixing with something second-rate

aloof reserved, indifferent

emulsify mix, combine, unite communities

ambidextrous capable of use the left or the right equally well ambiguous uncertain, uncertain

doppelwertig having both of two in contrast meanings

improve, meliorate, amend, better improve, make smarter

amendment improving

amicable friendly

amortize end (a debt) by putting away money

enhance make significant or fuller, increase the power

animosity good dislike

annul put an end to

anticlimax sudden show up

antidote treatments used against a toxin or a disease

antithetical immediate opposing

separation brutal racial discrimination

apathetic indifference

aplomb self-confidence

fallen one who abandons long-held faith based or personal convictions apotheosis deification, louange to godliness

appease help to make quiet or calm

concerned grasping, understanding; fear, unhappy feeling about future apprise provide notice to, inform

hero worship approval

appropriate take for one's own use, acquire, reserve

apropos suitable to the scenario; apt

likely well-suited, quick-witted

arabesque a fancy, ornate design

arabesque fancyful

arbitrate determine by settlement

arboreal of connected with forest

ardently with full of ardor

ardor enthusiasm

arduous high, difficult excursion; laborious

jobelin jargon, slang

arrant in the highest level

arrogance pleased, superior method of behaviour

articulate speak distinctly, connect simply by joints

conquer go or come up

excursion the take action of climbing

ascertain become familiar with

ascetic rehearsing self-denial, austere, stark

ascribe consider to be the origin of or owned by asperity roughness, harshness, unwell temper, frustration aspersion slander

assail with attack violently

asset important quality, smth that has funds value

assiduous diligent, hard-working, sedulous

assuage make smth (pain, desire) less

assumption smth meant but not demonstrated

asterisk the mark * (e. g.. omitted letters)

astringent material that reduces