Essay regarding Science and Problems

Science and Problems

Science never provides solutions. It simply creates concerns. Do you go along with this assertion? [400 words]| Intro| The advent of technological era has had many changes, which have built a considerable effect on human your life. On one hand technology has incredibly improved our standard of living and solved many of our problems but on the other hand it has likewise exposed us to fresh problems some of which are irremediable. 53 words| * Research brought many changes 5. Big effect on human your life * Technology improved our living * But it also produces problems| Em virtude de 1| Scientific research has developed considerably and made a large number of actions feasible, which we're able to not image before. That makes existence modern and convenient. Yet we must confess when fixing problems, technology mostly frequently creates even more problems and in addition threaten our lives. For example , introduced of automobiles offers ease to people. Persons can travelling place to place in shorter time but the acquiring amount of cars results much new problems. The quantity of pollution air flow, the filled traffic highway in hurry hour, and the limit park places in city are all threatening the people's tranquility life. 93 Words| 5. Invention of cars/transport * Brings comfort * (+) Travel spot to spot in short time * (-) Amassing amount of cars causes: * Air pollution * Cramped traffic highway (Rush hour) * Limit car park areas | Pra 2| |

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Para 4| But that is not mean that technology does not benefit us. After all, without the modern technology, we nonetheless would have a large number of problems, and a lot of them might threaten and damage existence more. Without the medicine science, many illnesses would nonetheless take householder's life very easily away. Also, without the modern tools that can find natural disaster quickly including the earthquake, destruction created by the natural disaster would be better, and the salvage would be delayed. 78 Words| * Technology also rewards us. * Medicine Science, help to...