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The Angevin Empire


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A) Hollister, C. Warren, Keefe, Thomas K., 1973 " THE MAKING WITH THE ANGEVIN EMPIRE” Journal of British Studies. Vol. doze, No . a couple of (May, 1973), pp. 1-25 Published simply by: Cambridge College or university Press for The American Conference in British Research

Here is info an inclusive and full-detailed analysis made by professors Warren Hollister and Thomas Keefe in the year 1973, based on problem of how Angevin empire was formed and that have been its mainly roots. That mainly concentrates during the rule of Henry I, california king of Great britain and Normandy who arranged the ideological and political basis of the subsequent Angevin Empire ruled by Henry 2. Another key fact to understand the birthday of the Angevin Empire was the union of its two chief elements, the Anglo-Norman state and the county of Anjou. Hollister and Keefe make their analysis simply by asking themselves the subsequent questions: " Did the empire happen by accident or by personal design? And if by design, who was its architect? Was it Holly I, whom arranged the important marriage between his child Maud and Geoffrey, inheritor to Anjou? Was it Geoffrey, or perhaps Maud? Or was this their boy, Henry Plantagenet the ultimate beneficiary of the matrimony? ”

Understanding these key points must lead us to comprehend the entire idea of just how Angevin Disposition was created. Special emphasis has to Ruler Henry My spouse and i and Angevin counts, who also made possible that King Holly II was your ultimate beneficiary of the Anglo-Norman and Angevin heritage.

B) Bachrach, Bernard S., 1978. " THINKING ABOUT ANGEVIN EMPIRE”. Albion: A Quarterly Journal Concerned with British Studies Vol. 10, No . 4 (Winter, 1978), pp. 293-299

Bachrach centers his analysis on the triggers and tips that resulted in the formation of the Angevin Empire, and he does a nostalgic since ahead of Henry My spouse and i. Based on research of Hollister co and Keefe, he says we must not simply talk about the formation of the Angevin Empire by the action of Henry My spouse and i and Holly II, although other character types were also decisive in the building of that disposition. For example , of similar importance is the action of Count Fulk younger, which should request us what he had at heart when his son Geoffrey married the heiress towards the Anglo-Norman Throne, Matilda, daughter of Henry I. One of the ideas is that Fulk was extending a familiar tradition of expanding Angevin family fields through relationship alliances. With this relationship ended a long period of time of wars between Anjou and Normandy.

In conclusion, Bachrach views the Angevin Empire " as a great agglomeration of diverse lands and legal rights connected through marriage, gift of money, and other means for the purpose of improving the politics interests of the family and described by the head of that family”. […] " The Angevin idea of empire was a commonly conceived, versatile, and multifaceted network of family links. The formula of the Angevin Empire was not fixed without effort was performed to create a long lasting structure. The Angevin matters seemed to value that the failing to produce heirs, the development of personality conflicts, the intervention of premature fatality, and numerous additional unforeseen complications were too likely to weaken any but the most basic and flexible pattern of firm. ” […]

" Henry 2 rejected decisively Henry I's Anglo-Norman unit with its limited horizons and emphasis on management integration. By contrast, Henry 2 accepted the Angevin notion of empire which in turn promised a wider discipline of action and increased rewards. Henry knew the fact that broadly based and flexible Angevin idea of empire had resulted in success for two centuries in spite of civil battle, lack of future heirs, premature deaths, personality...