Essay regarding The Effects of Viewing Tagalized British Movies in the Philippines

The Effects of Seeing Tagalized British Movies inside the Philippines



Tagalization is the technique of converting language into Philippine language another problem is that it can often be the translation of text message into Philippine. Under the 1987 Constitution XIV Section six, the Philippine national terminology was settled and the Education department used a bilingual program to market the use of Tagalog, the various other official dialect. The government was swayed by simply studies demonstrating that children tended to learn better in their local languages Fashionable for Tagalization or like a would call it up Filipinization has increased in the recent times. Among individuals in the media which have transformed languages through the years are the films. And because of this, the level of The english language proficiency lowered. Incapability of talking English fluently and successfully is one of the facts faced by many people young Filipinos today. There are many reasons to describe the decrease in English language proficiency however the proliferation of television shows just like tagalizing English movies is among the attributors. With this, how can we expect the fresh generation of talking and compose English fluently?


This research eligible " The consequences of Tagalizing British on the English language Proficiency from the First Year College Students of Pasig Catholic College” was conducted to find out the effects of tagalizing English films of the first year scholars of Pasig Catholic College or university. It aims to answer the subsequent questions

1 . What is the profile in the first 12 months college students of Pasig Catholic College regarding: 1 . 1 Gender

1 . 2 Program1. 3 Age group

2 . Precisely what is the academic level of performance of the people students whom watch tagalized English videos? 3. Precisely what are the effects of observing tagalized English language movies?

The researcher hand picked the first season college students of Pasig Catholic College to get her participants. In this regard, the researcher utilized descriptive strategy to determine the several effects of tagalizing English films of the abovementioned first season...