The Hero’s Journey Essay

The Hero's Journey

The Pursuit of Happyness & the Hero's Journey

There is no question the fact which the hero is usually popular topic which is much talked about not by videos, but as well by the actual society. It is generally thought that all we usually discuss regarding heroes most time yet no one has same thoughts and opinions on what makes a main character. Many explanations of a leading man is someone have superpower, strength, bravery and courageous. But who have could regarded example of heroes? Everyone has their particular opinion to define a hero and so i also have my estimation to determine a hero. " The Pursuit of Happyness” is a movie which was released in 2006. This kind of movie can be an edition of a true story. Chris Gardner, that is a performer father. He can homelessness and poor as they failed on his business. This individual also has to raise his boy. For his son's future, he under no circumstances give up and look for changes to change his life. This individual believed that as long as it is difficult enough, delight will come tomorrow. In the end, he be a successful stockbroker and changes his life. For a lot of hero's testimonies, Chris Gardner is not really a typical extremely hero. This individual doesn't have any superpowers and strength. He is homelessness along with his son and poor, there is no-one to care about all of them. However , he is kind of a unique hero. He has good mind plus the spirit of never give up when he confronted to many issues. Maybe he could not change the world that help everyone but he transformed himself and he provided his son more happiness in his child life. And there are three noticeable aspects about Chris Gardner in the hero's journey stage are listed. For hero's departure voyage, first step can be " The decision to Adventure”. When Philip Gardner observed the stockbroker on the road, he found the stockbroker has fascinating laugh and this individual felt the stockbroker recieve more happiness than him. He wanted to alter and made a decision to be a stockbroker. The second step, we called ”The Stomach of the Whale”. Many problems are to arrive this step, Bob Gardner's wife could not carry that their poor existence and the girl wanted divorce....