Essay about The Living Dead Young lady Summary

The Living Dead Girl Summary

" The living dead girl”

The 1st main characters name can be Alice, this can be a five year old girl. She is taken away from her family and friends with the local recreation space. She was stolen with a man named Ray, which can be the second primary character. This can be the horrible man you required this five year old young daughter away from her childhood. This individual makes her life a full time income hell, the single thing he is concerned about is keeping her resembling a little woman forever, keeping her below 100 pounds. He renames all of his victims Alice and they almost all had blond hair and blue sight, Ray slain a being unfaithful year old girl because the girl started to turn into a young lady. This individual gave Alice hormone pills so the lady wouldn't develop as quickly. But at 9 Alice started to develop so Ray sent her to the park to find him another Alice, of course , he threatened her and told her that he would hurt her if your woman told on him. Your woman set off and found our subsequent main character who's brand is Shelly, she had long blond hair and blue eyes, around 5 years of age. Shelly had a close friend named Utmost and this is our 4th character that in the end will save the day, you could admit. The Living dead woman is all about just a little girl that gets thieved at the age of five by a 45 year old gentleman, she is forced to obey him because of the hazards he has turned to burn off her family members alive. This individual likes all of them young so he makes her wear a small frilly dress that barely fits her currently small human body. He will keep Alice at 100 pounds by only allowing a yogurt once per week. He provides home total dinners to get him and doesn't offer her a nibble. Over the years Alice increases and builds up her female parts, Beam decides this individual needs a fresh Alice. This individual sends her to the community park to sit to see another jaunatre hair blue eyed young lady around a few years of age. He tells Alice not to speak to anyone or perhaps he will find out. Alice would go to the recreation area and areas Shelly and her Buddy Max, Shelly was perfect. She advised Ray and also time they will built up a strategy so they could take Shelly without her brother...