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The On line casino at Marino

The Casino at Marino

The 17th century in Ireland was a moments of political unrest and assault.   As an effect, buildings had been used in hopes of defence uses.  Following William of Orange's victory in the Battle in the Boyne in 1690, a new prosperous, Simple, landed ballinger emerged who have wished to screen their riches in building large nation houses and public structures.   These had been built in the beginning in the Palladian style, based on the articles of Hazel Palladio.   Later, neo-classicism started to be increasingly popular because more are usually travelled to The italian capital to study it is ancient buildings. �

William Rooms was a dominant London you of the Georgian period.   He was born in Gotëborg and originally performed for the Swedish East India Company.   He skilled as an architect in Paris sometime later it was in Italia.   While in Italy he met God Charlemont to get whom he would design the Casino for Marino and a property.   Back in England, he started to be architectural teacher to the Royal prince of Wales and later you to the Full.  This regal patronage allowed him to experiment in small-scale structures ornament to get Kew backyards, which supplied him with experience for the design of the Casino. �

The Casino by Marino was built in the 18th century as a summerhouse.   It has small function and serves primarily as an expensive architectural exercise.   From the outside seems like like a one-storied Greek brow.   However this actually consists of three storeys and a basement to get servants. �

The building is based on a Greek cross and is inscribed in Doric colonnades.   It is abundantly decorated with sculptural decoration and decorative carving.   Urns and columns are both decorative and functional.   The urns in order to hide fireplace pot even though the columns hide drains.   The entrance facade has a door that rises almost towards the height from the columns, hiding the second storey.   The glass windows are made of rounded glass that reflects the exterior and hide the interior walls.   On the north and south...