Essay regarding The Renaissance Person -- Henry VIII - by Casey Krol

Casey Krol

Mrs. Fulmer


Sept 30, 2013

The Renaissance " Person”

Henry VIII is a Renaissance person, due to his perceptive intelligence of several themes and deep skills. The Renaissance was obviously a cultural movement the happened from the fourteenth to 17th century, that saw a revival in learning, buildings, literature, and classical art (Henry VIII). Henry VIII was a Renaissance person when he was extremely had different contributions in literature and cartography, and was clever in several subjects. In addition , he also offered greatly through religious, military, and politics ways to England. Henry VIII founded a new religion, increased a Navy to the point of prominence, and forced a imperialism policy. As a result, throughout Holly VIII's reign as Full from 1509 to his death in 1547, he passed many laws and policies witch had great influence around the shaping of England to the nation it can be today (Hutton).

Holly VIII shown many qualities of a Renaissance person. Holly VIII published books, made up music and was a ardent patron with the arts (Henry VII). Holly VIII may be the author of a book referred to as " Assertio Septem Sacramentorum”, which bombarded Martin Luther and backed the Both roman Catholic Chapel. As a result of this publication, Henry VIII received the title " Defender of Faith” simply by Pope Leo X (Hutton). In addition , he was educated inside the classics, being fluent in Latin and French, along with knowledge in Spanish, Italian and Greek. Along with all those qualities having been also a highly trained musician, mathematician, architect, and a send designer. Henry VIII was also a cartographer and was responsible for the start of English map making (Joffee). Besides like a strong and ruthless leader, his intelligence helped him accomplish most of his desired goals throughout his reign as king.

In the vast accomplishments of Henry VIII, he had a significant influence in religion in the uk. First of all, Henry VIII founded the Church of...

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