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Brief History

Established in 08, Tierra Mia has quickly spread in Southern California and that we are now producing our approach to North California. We first opened our entry doors in a small building location situated in South Gate, Ca. From the very start, people liked the Latina taste in their coffee and it was the newest hang out area. Our mission, " To provide the freshest and best espresso, beverages, and pastries within a setting that is certainly comfortable, modern-day, and extremely reflective of Latin American culture. ”. � And from the looks of it, we now have achieved our task. Not only does Region Mia provide great caffeine for you, however the ambiance is great as well. We are quickly upgrading the adnger zone in neighborhood communities and people in Yelp have been quoted saying, " Starbucks, whom? ” Tierra Mia just purchases tiny lot capuccinos to give our customers the very best quality. By maintaining sustainability with the farmers, we ensure that our caffeine will only progress throughout the years. Our barista's are highly knowledgeable to provide that great mug of coffee you need. We provide fresh pastries and clean roasted micro-lot coffee each day for the customers. Several of our personal drinks at Tierra Mia are the Mocha Mexicano, Horchata Latte, Chaveta Loco Latte, Cubano que incluye Leche, Horchata Frappe, and Mojito Mint Tea Lemonade.  � Therefore , why offers our business grown so much in previous 6 years and also have so many visits on Yelp? Here's for what reason, because it likes so good! Here atTierra Mia we transfer our coffee beans from Honduras, Ethiopia, Un Salvador, South america, and Compact country of panama, to name a few. The coffee beans are ordered green and they are then roasting in our Extremidad Rivera location. " The coffees appear to all of us green and unroasted and we apply extremely analytical and rigorous roast practices to bring out the finest flavors of every bean. ” Meaning, the coffee were drinking is definitely fresh and good quality! Owner, Ulysses Peregrino, hopes to open as many Region Mia places as Starbucks. And for that, he has to have a marketing strategy that will attract more customers and keep each of our customers rebounding.

Strategic Focus and Plan�

Tierra Mia Coffee strategy's focus and plan can be divided into 3 sections: the mission assertion, goals/aspirations, as well as the company's core competency/sustainable competitive advantages.

Mission Affirmation

Tierra Mia Coffee's quest is to deliver a new taste to sociality by providing clean coffee, refreshments and pastries that displays the Latin American culture.

Goals/ Dreams

Almost all of our desired goals are proved helpful around and consist of the customers. Without one there really is not a Tierra Mia. So with that in mind, we would like to start a buyer appreciation software where we are able to give back to those customers which have been reliable and consistent in coming to the store with gift cards and a possible rewards card. Customer appreciation will consist of the ones that are on a regular basis buying each of our product to improve a group so they can earn points to get at each of our locations. More to be said on this buyer appreciation plan to arrive. We give back to the environment simply by cutting expense on waste used and water conservation. We are big on recycling and will encourage our customers to complete the same; we all try to lead by case. We as well conserve energy by lowering 10% of energy consumption inside the few years. This may not appear like much but we are certainly not that big of a company to have excellent energy ingestion. We have ideal that we want to attain which dream is usually to ultimately open as many shops (if certainly not more) because our leading competitor, Starbucks. If we continue at the charge we are going now than we have an excellent chance of conference this aim in the simply future and still have everyone stating, " Starbucks, Who? ”

Core Proficiency and Lasting Competitive Advantage

In terms of core competency, Region Mia...

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