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Session 6 (Persuasive Letter) Case - ‘An Invitation to Wellness by Whirlpool Corporation'

" We know there is a immediate correlation between employee health and fitness and the usage of insurance benefit dollars. Employees who are well spend much less of the company's money. That they feel better. They're more fruitful. And, naturally , they business lead healthier, more happy lives. ” Dana Donnley is Overseer of Staff Communication to get Whirlpool Company, a $12. 1 billion dollars appliance maker and marketing expert with resources placing this 161st upon Fortune magazine's list of five-hundred largest business organizations. With company headquarters in Benton Possess, Michigan, Whirlpool has more than 39000 staff in the United States and 30 overseas nations. " During the month of his or her birthday”, Donnley said, " we offer each employee inside the headquarters a no cost mini-physical. Our company health doctor sends a letter to each employee at some time toward the end of the month before all their birthday, inviting that person to participate. ” Is this letter persuasive or directive in tone? " Oh, it's persuasive, ” Donnley responded. " The program is entirely voluntary. We all pick up the price and absolutely encourage every employee to participate, although we won't be able to make them get it done. We've got to persuade these people that it's inside their best interest to possess a physical at least once a year. ” " The largest objection, ” said Donnley, " generally revolves around privacy. People are concerned about that and occasionally have inquiries regarding the way the information will be used. We do our best lawn mowers of that page, and in personal conversations, to convince them that the benefits of these physicals are entirely confidential. The company doctor sees the benefits and then mail them to automobile. We no longer keep any kind of records – the employee gets the original and no copies are made. ” Can be involved in the physical? " Well, it's pretty comprehensive. The nurse data each employee's height, weight, blood pressure, and vital indicators. A program exam...