Essay regarding Trial of King Charles I

Josh Robinson

Mister. Comer

12-15 November 2012

Trial of King Charles I

Overview of Charges

King Charles I of England is being charged being a tyrant, traitor, and murderer; and a public and implacable opponent of the Earth of Britain. He is found guilty of employing his capacity to pursue his own interest as opposed to the good of England, and raging conflict against the parliament and the people of England. For the Defense

My client pleads guilty, nevertheless for a lesser impose than loss of life. He was only trying to do what was best for England. Those of Great britain were dealing with a hard time as well as the country required money. The moment my customer and the Legislative house could not acknowledge terms of taxation and plans to raise money, his only choice was to melt Parliament. Since king, he was ling electricity and the simply way to find that power back was going to wage war in Parliament. Both of us agree that war was wrong and foolish and lots of great lives were lost. We beg that his punishment should be removal as king of England and Exile using this great country. Witnesses

1 . Oliver Cromwell -- Was to get the Parliament, General of Horse inside the army. I will use him to show that he prepared to overthrow King Charles I ahead of the civil conflict had started. 2 . Jacob Astley - Fought to get the Royalist, Baron and Major Basic in the royalist army. Souverain Astley will assist prove Ruler Charles I was a simple king. three or more. Ralph Hopton - Leader of the royalist army and Baron of Stratton. I am just using Grande Hopton to offer information of what California king Charles I had formed planned to perform if he had won the war. 5. George Goring - General of Equine for the Royalist military and Grande. George will offer his thoughts and opinions of how it absolutely was to fight for King Charles I as well as the Royalist military services 5. Charles Lucas - Royalist, Lieutenant General of Horse. Let me use Charles Lucas to share everyone just how life like a prisoner was under the Parliamentary army. To the Jury: A roundhead is a supporter for the Parliament and a Cavalier can be described as supporter intended for the full....