Essay about Vip Son

Business Proposal

Japanese-style Resort/Spa

Hoi An, Vietnam

Scholar Name


Group 8


RMIT University

Teacher Name

2011 A

Exec Summary

This report illustrates how a Japanese style holiday resort and health spa in Hoi An is the best investment option of the year. A rise in the number of central income and wealthy overseas tourists via Japan together with an extreme promotional marketing campaign is creating an immediate demand for services in the area. The services offered by the vacation resort and spa will fulfill this demand by offering the most in equally Vietnamese ethnic immersion and Japanese comfort. All guides and services staff will speak Japanese people and offer Japanese people style amenities. By getting together with the needs of this number of clients, we will create a unique and very profitable business.


The number of Japan tourists in Vietnam is growing rapidly and expected to reach 1 million by 2015 (Dao 2010). In order to meet the rising with regard to services this will likely create it is necessary to offer a one of a kind product in an area of popular. Japanese tourists are drawn to Vietnam because of its natural beauty and cultural heritage. The unique product they look for is a relaxed holiday exactly where they can go through the richness Vietnam has to offer devoid of feelings of tension or aggravation. The growing number of retired and retiring Japanese tourists with expendable incomes and free time together with a number of advertising activities will make the demand. This kind of report is going to explain for what reason a Western style resort/spa in Hoi An is a great low risk investment opportunity.

Research Conclusions

The amount of international vacationers visiting Vietnam is elevating steadily. Figures from the standard Statistics Office of Vietnam (cited in Vietnam Travelling 2009) demonstrate foreign visitors for this country enhance by approximately 800% inside the 15 12 months period by 1993 to 2008 (see figure 1). The number of visitors continues to surge, especially those by Asian countries. It...

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