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Hot Combs

Have you have you ever been scared of something? I have and I'm fearful of hot combs. I know I actually sound crazy talking about Now i'm scared of hot combs. Now i am scared of popular combs mainly because I don't know when you are adding the brush to me. Also, my friend doesn't awesome it down either. Can be the point of any hot comb, when you have a hot brush flat iron? So I'm going to ell you a littlie more about my own fear.

By using a warm comb about me, you have to tell me when you're going to input it to my head. You can't only use it, then I obtain burned. Additionally, I don't like it when I get the back side of my hair done since I avoid take that very well. So , please if you my hair with something hot like this, tell me if you are going to put it to me.

I almost certainly don't like it when my friend doesn't cool off the comb first. Likewise, when it is smoking cigarettes and she puts it on my curly hair. Second My spouse and i hate this when I am just watching T. V and I'm receiving burned via a scorching hot comb, my hands are perspiration, my confront is sweating, and correct when the brush goes to the edges, I hunch, and I get burned. Cooling the comb is essential to me.

Finally, I can't stand it that we get a flat straightener and I need to use the popular comb. The comb is definitely my most detrimental enemy. Just when I request the flat iron the hot brush is already popular. While Now i am asking my mom, she begins to straighten my own hair. That burns also. The good thing that occurs is the warm comb cannot get sizzling, or, the stove can be broken. Nevertheless all in the conclusion my frizzy hair is good. Also, it is quite straight.

So , you have to look at the end result. When you are scared of something, you try to conquer it. My end result is definitely, I end up getting a pretty hair, but my head is a little burned. But in the finish it's great. I have learned my lesson; my lesson is " Don't be scared of something that will surely help you. As well, hot spines aren't so bad after all. Therefore , hot combs might not be for me personally, but We still will need it. I use overcome popular combs....